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Semic-Terminal Crimp Machine

  • cylinder wire splice machine
cylinder wire splice machine

cylinder wire splice machine

  • Product description: wire splice machine, wire connect machine



Processing wire riveting,fast,effective.

Crimping wires connection by copper belt,replace the traditional soldering,no drawback cold welding,aire welding and air pollution.

It uses continuous copper belt that is with special materials,cutting,forming,pressing,once completed,without any waste.

Can be used with different molds for different products connecting.

Simple operation.

Applicable scope:

Connection with the ressistance of neon,LED and wires.

Slide switch is connected to the wires.

Connect the high temperature of the heating elements.

Sensitive components(such as reed switches,termperature fuses) connection.

Transformer tap connections with wires.

Headphone cable card,set the pipeline fixed.

Wire and lead connections.



Model HL-305A
Crimping capacity 2Ton
Stroke 23mm
Applicable copperbelt 1-6mm,molds change according to copperbelts
Operation Single-action pedal
Motor Asynchronous motor AC220V 1/4HP 250W
Power AC110V/220V 50/60Hz
Measurement 430*430*430mm
Weight 45kg




Operating vedio,detailed information and any further questions,please contact with us ANY TIME!


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